The Translator L&F business model rests on a totally non-negotiable premise: We work exclusively with translators who have higher educational qualifications and proven professional experience (generally in large law firms, financial institutions or international pharmaceutical and chemical companies) in law and finance, or in a scientific or technical discipline, or who have degrees in translation with appropriate subsequent training. The reason for this approach is our conviction, confirmed in practice, that linguistic and textual competence is not enough to ensure a good translation: the translator also needs a thorough grasp of the subject matter of the text to be translated. Being able to write well in one’s own language is no guarantee unless one knows what one is writing about.

In our model, this first basic premise goes hand in hand with a policy of knowledge transfer and a commitment to in-house translator training. The company’s know-how is filtered and passed on “from generation to generation” of translators through a rigorous internal quality control system that requires systematic revision of all the translations we produce. New “generations” of translators have been recruited and trained on a gradual basis as the demand for our services has grown, always aiming to maintain a flexible, appropriately sized and fully competent team.

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