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Sworn translations

Translator L&F regularly carries out sworn translations. These are translations signed and stamped by an Official Translator appointed by a country’s competent authority to certify that a translation is a faithful and complete rendering of the original. A sworn translator certifies and warrants the fidelity of the translation, giving it official validity for the purpose of presentation to official institutions, government agencies and regulatory bodies. In this market there is often a confusion between “sworn translations” and “legal translations”. A “sworn translation” can be any type of text on any subject, which may be legal (e.g., a contract) but can also be financial (e.g., a bank’s annual report or the prospectus of a UCITS) or medical (e.g., a patient’s clinical history).

Glossary preparation and management

Translator L&F has established its own system for preparing specific glossaries for clients that request this service. This system relies on the detection of keywords during the preparatory work (by the Translation Area concerned) and/or during translation and revision (where it is done by the translator and reviser involved). The proposed translations of the keywords identified in this way are checked internally by Translator L&F before being submitted separately to the client, together with supporting information or documentation, for final approval. The validity of these glossaries is endorsed by the documentary competence of Translator L&F’s translators and revisers, who make effective use of all available sources of information (e.g., national regulatory texts and internationally recognised industry publications).

Interpretation services

Translator L&F has been providing interpretation services for more than twenty years. We know all our interpreters personally; in other words, we are familiar with their strengths and know how to put together the best team for any given situation. No event is easy; every medical gathering, board of directors meeting, court hearing or conference has its own specific vocabulary, and many run into difficulties because the interpreters are not appropriately specialised or lack professional experience. Translator L&F applies the same quality control process in selecting its interpreters as in selecting translators, possibly with even more attention to personal qualities, given the face-to-face nature of interpreting. Production Coordination works closely with the Translation Areas to select the most suitable interpreters for each event.

Website localisation

Translator L&F translates whole websites and sections of websites. In this field we offer tailored, end-to-end solutions for the direct translation of websites (including site-internal content) in any format (including html, xml, php and Java), preserving the integrity of the code and always providing a translation that is linguistically and culturally adapted to the locale. This includes optimal translation of keywords for best possible search engine positioning. In addition, using the client’s content management application, we translate texts submitted to us at regular intervals (e.g., daily news items), producing and posting the translations on the client’s site or portal with the required frequency.

Other added value services

Other added value services we offer our clients include document layout, done to our clients’ specifications, a service provided by our skilful technical assistance and layout team (we work with both PCs and Macs and in any format, including Office, iWork, PDF, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, Adobe Freehand, and Illustrator). We also provide audio and video transcription services (interviews, conferences, seminars, speeches) and subtitling; graphic and web design; editing, post-editing and proofreading; and linguistic consulting and advice.

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