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The services that Translator L&F has been providing since 1987 rest on three basic pillars: meticulous quality, punctual delivery and confidentiality. These services, delivered with proven care and professionalism, have made Translator L&F a trusted name in the field of legal, economic and financial and, since 2000, scientific and technical translation.

The company covers a broad range of language pairs, naturally including those most widely spoken and translated in business. We regularly translate among the languages of the European Union Member States, as well as U.S. English, the various forms of Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. We are also able to handle Russian, Arab and Chinese and, more recently, have started to translate the languages of Eastern European countries, in response to our clients’ growing needs.

We translate your documents the way they are written by professionals in your sector. Who better than a medical doctor to translate a clinical case study for publication in a scientific journal? What can be more reliable that a translation of a credit agreement done by a translator who in a previous career drafted such documents, or a translation of a voluminous due diligence report done by a team of legal translators each of whom is thoroughly versed in the subject matter of the section assigned to him/her (insurance, contracts, accounting and financial reporting, labour law, intellectual and industrial property rights, etc.).

“Hybrid” translations are no different. The prospectus and articles of association of a UCITS will always require a translator with both legal and financial training, while pharmaceutical product and process patents will require both legal (intellectual property) expertise and chemical or medical knowledge. Accurately translating such “hybrid” documents has become “second nature” to Translator L&F.

Below is a list of the different types of documents our company translates on a regular basis, grouped in our three main areas of work.

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