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Scientific Division

Translator L&F was originally formed by a group of lawyers and finance professionals whose work in leading law firms, banks and investment houses required quality translations services. Given the severe shortcomings then seen in the translation market in Spain, they often found themselves doing their own translations. Founding a company to carry on that work was the logical next step.

So successful was this venture that in 2000 we extended our unique model, as described in this website, to the fields of science and technology, creating a separate area specialising in the translation of documents in scientific and technical disciplines (including medicine, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, pharmacy and various branches of engineering). Since then, this new area has adopted and adhered to Translator L&F’s original business philosophy. Only translators with an accredited degree or professional experience in medicine, for example, are fully qualified to translate clinical trial protocols.

Synergies between Translator L&F’s Scientific Division and the company’s Legal and Financial Areas are another powerful source of added value that benefits our clients. The texts to be translated quite often cut across the disciplines, combining legal or financial content with medical or chemical and pharmaceutical content. In the annual report of a pharmaceutical company, for example, we are likely to find accounting terminology and financial ratios interwoven with technical descriptions of the company’s products and activities. Such “hybrid” documents are translated smoothly and reliably in Translator L&F. Profiles of some of the translators who work in this area may be seen in scientific and technical translators.

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