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Thanks to their academic and professional background, the translators who work for Translator L&F are able to produce reliable translations of strictly legal texts, with business or financial content, of texts from the fields of biomedicine, chemistry or pharmacy, or from two or more of these fields (“hybrid” translation). All our translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue, ensuring translations that are linguistically and culturally adapted to the locale.

Who better to translate a partnership agreement than a specialist in company law, or a labour lawyer to translate an employment contract? When translating the prospectus and articles of association of a collective investment scheme, we will always rely on a specialised translator who has both legal and business and financial training, whereas for pharmaceutical product and process patents we will assign translators who combine the legal background (intellectual property law) and chemical and medical knowledge. Accurately translating such “hybrid” documents is by now second nature to Translator L&F.

Below are the profiles (anonymous and excluding details of professional background) of some of our translators.

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