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Our quality management system is designed to ensure best-in-class service, with guaranteed quality, traceability and on-time delivery of all jobs. Thanks to this system we are able to promise you translations that are true, accurate and fit for their purpose, that comply with project-specific linguistic or stylistic requirements and that use the terminology laid down in national and international legal sources (also EU law, in every field, including economics and finance), the client’s own in-house terminology and the terminology of the industry in which the client operates.

In April 2010, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited approved our quality management systems and the translation services we provide, certifying them compliant with the following standards, respectively: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and UNE-EN 15038:2006 Translation Services – Service Requirements. On 22 February 2013, the certification body Bureau Veritas Certification, S.A. carried out the certifications of both standards for Translator L&F, which entered into force on 22 April and 14 March 2013. Those certifications underscore the excellence of an organisational system structured around our TMS (Translation Management System) software, which is firmly geared towards providing an orderly, reliable and responsive service.

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